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  • The "Cutting Edge" product line of heavy duty commercial fiberglass doors & frames by Edgewater FRP Door.
  • Edgewater doors and frames are designed to withstand moisture, chemicals, and abuse in the harshest of environments.  They are at home in wastewater and water treatment plants, pools, zoos, schools, food processing, paper mills, pharmaceuticals, etc.  Units are constructed entirely of composite materials so they will never rot or corrode.  Edgewater is proud to back this up with a lifetime corrosion warranty.  In addition, each unit comes with a 10 year warranty against failure due to workmanship.  
  • Edgewater's product line consists of the E-S (standard), E-P (premier), E-F (fire rated) and E-I Insti-lite (institutional) series.  Standard 5-3/4" x 2" frames to be typical for each series.  Products are fabricated utilizing fiberglass pultrusions.  Stile and rail type construction allows Edgewater to produce high quality units of any configuration, in a short amount of time.  Stiles and rails are bonded to the face skins and core material under pressure until fully cured.  Doors and frames weighing in at only 6 pounds per square foot total make for an easy install. Door edges are completely sealed from the elements.  Lock stiles are furnished with a three degree bevel to ensure a proper fit.

Edgewater Door