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Cross Reference of Hardware: If our distributor sends us a take off we will gladly do all the cross references and give them a detailed quote.

Specifications: Hager Companies has concentrated on durable, solid and secure door hardware for over 160 years. Along with our quality products and outstanding customer service, Hager provides complimentary Architectural Hardware Consulting (AHC) services to help you navigate through the specification process. With stricter and ever changing building codes, it makes sense to specify door hardware by using Hager’s specification writing services. Hager saves you time because our hardware consultants create your door hardware specifications for you, making you more profitable. Our in-house team will assist you from design through post construction, guaranteeing an objective specification every time. We look at hardware that fits both the design, construction and code requirements of your project. What’s more, Hager’s spec writing experts can offer you another important benefit for your clients: a truly competitive product comparison that can amount to significant savings in the overall cost of your project’s door hardware. Whether it’s a project with one door or thousands - a project that is due in a month or due yesterday - our team of spec writers and consultants are here to help.

Spec Writing Services

Jobsite Walks: We love to walk jobsites and make recommendations. We have many years of experience working with end users and making sure you have scheduled what you need to complete your project.